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Management Innovation

Management Innovation specializes in creating high performing, sustainable organizations. 


For Information Contact: Ron Schulingkamp Phone: (504) 390-3888


Management Innovation provides organizations with knowledge, skills, and tools to improve organizational performance. To achieve success, working with a consulting firm should be viewed as a long-term commitment for long-term success


Business Performance Excellence

Management Innovation staff has experience in assisting organizations in numerous functional areas such as management development, information technology, strategic plan development, marketing, production, service and human resource plan development.


Using the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence business model as a "systems approach" and guide to improve all aspects of the company has two major benefits.


1) minimize the investment cost of consulting services through the use of a proven business model.

2) provide independent validation of the business improvement success


To meet the needs of growing organizations, Management Innovation offers specific Project Management and Lean Six Sigma performance focused projects, which are designed to assist the organization in learning how to improve systems, related processes and human, financial, and capital resources.


Management Innovation provides services in the areas of:

         Corporate Governance

         Organizational Sustainability

         Organizational Resiliency

         Enterprise Risk Management (ISO 31000)

         Six Sigma

         Lean Enterprise

         ISO/9001 Quality Management System

         ISO/14001 Environmental Management System

         Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence

         Leadership and Management Development

         Strategic Leadership Management

         Strategic Business Planning

         Business Development

         Marketing Plan Development

         Linking the Company to Its Customers with Quality Functional Deployment

         New Product Development & Commercialization

         Internet & Intranet Strategy Development

         Corporate Governance

         Employee Development

         Customer Service and resulting Satisfaction & Dissatisfaction

         Sales and Marketing

         Customer Relationship Management

         Team Development

         Effective Written Communication

         Effective Verbal Communication

         Interpersonal Skills

         Negotiation with a Win-Win Strategy

         Conflict Management

         Stress Management

         Work Place Human Performance



Key Performance Strategies, which include diagnosis, design, and transformation: 

         Organizational Assessment, Design and Development

         Organizational Transformation

         Organization Analysis

         Reliability Engineering

         Customer Analysis & Customer Surveys

         Management Information Systems

         Information Technology

         Statistical Process Control


         Financial Plan Development

         Operations/Production Plan Development

         Supply Chain Management

         Vendor Performance Analysis

         Human Resource Development and Performance Development

         Environmental Management System Development

         Quality Management System Development

         Continuous Improvement

         Business Process Management

         Quantitative Analysis for Process Improvement

         Self-Assessment for Process and System Improvement

         Organizational Communication System Effectiveness

         Marketing and Brand Related Communications

         Corporate Communications

         Financial Communications

         Crisis Communications

         Events Communications

         Business to Business Communications

         Media Relations and Monitoring

         Reliability Engineering

         Conflict Management



Industry Experience

         U.S. Government Agencies

         Louisiana Government Agencies

         Hospitals and Health Care Services

         Computer Services Companies

         Computer Hardware & Software Companies

         Distribution Companies

         Law Firms

         Medical Equipment Companies

         Manufacturing Companies

         Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Companies

         Restaurants  & Food Service

         Retail Stores

         Service Companies

         Entertainment Companies

         Non-For-Profit Organizations